Agenda LM

Agenda LM 1.0

Manage your passwords, exports data and organizes your schedule
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AgendaLM is much more than what its name implies – far from being a simple electronic diary that will surely warn you about your unmissable appointments, it also offers you a number of utilities that will help you manage your passwords, export your data into different text formats, add pictures, and more.

Data is organized in helpful tabs that cover the main categories available through AgendaLM general, birthdays, passwords, alarms, notes, and country codes. Under “general” you will find a comprehensive list of fields to save important information about your contacts, friends, family, etc., such as their phone numbers (up to six), e-mail addresses (up to five), Internet URLs, photograph(s), date of birth, and many more. You can then associate each of these records to any of the other tabs, so that you do not have to enter the same information more than once.

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